Dear Wayne:

“I want to congratulate you on the…anniversary of Ideal Picture Frames! I think now is a good time to thank you for the beautiful work you do. I have had four pieces framed by you. The first, a painting by my cousin along with black and white photos she used; the second, a needlepoint crafted picture frame with old photos; the third, a large world print; and most recently, an inexpensive Wal-Mart floral print. You have transformed each of these simple pieces into beautiful treasures which I’m proud to display. Thank you for the beauty and quality you have brought to the pieces you framed. Each piece you have framed has more than exceeded my expectations and I will enjoy them for years to come.”
-Deann M. Sharp

“Wayne’s skill and use of color in matting is excellent. I particularly like working with Wayne using antique frames. He is willing to experiment with cutting off the damage area and making a new frame out of the salvageable remains. As this is often a delicate procedure, Wayne has the patience and creativity to recreate beautiful frames that is no longer available.”
-Susan Homburger

“I have had several pieces framed at Ideal Picture Frame including a really interesting Boy Scout sash with medals and badges. I like working with Wayne because he does quality work in a conscientious timely, and friendly manner. He has more than once gone out of his way to help me out.”
-Ann V. Welke

“I like going to Ideal Picture Frame because Wayne helps me put together excellent looking pictures. He assists with choosing the best matt and frame without being pushy. He’s just a great guy to work with.”
-Deborah Frishberg

“Wayne has been framing for me for the past 10 years, using his special talent for matting and framing to enhance my art work. He does a beautiful job of carving matts, which adds another dimension to some of my pieces. I can count on frames of the highest quality, with corners perfectly matched and tight and moldings in perfect condition. The integrity of his work is the finest.”
-Betty Woody

“I have used Wayne Ebert for my framing for the last 15 years. I am an artist and totally trust my work with him. Wayne is extremely talented. Has an excellent eye for color, matt, frame. Very creative on all matts. Exceptional work and stands behind all work- would not hesitate to recommend to anyone and as I move away to Arizona I plan to have my work shipped to him or bring back on my visits.”
-Erma L. Murray

Dear Wayne:

“Thank you for yet another beautiful framing job! I brought antique prints that I found in Italy to you several weeks ago. I needed some suggestions on how to enhance their beauty and protect them. You came up with the perfect combination of matte, frame and glass and got the job done in record time. Thanks again, Wayne. You are so skilled at what you do. I really enjoy working with you to find the right combination of materials.”
-Bridget N. Faricy

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